• Department of social and psychological support

      In November 2016, at the initiative of the University’s rector E. Zh. Bekmukhambetov, the Department of social and psychological support was formed under the leadership of Kadyrova Zh.A. (2016-2018)
       The main purpose of the Department creation is to provide comprehensive social and psychological support to students and staff of the University.
    From the beginning of the 2018 year to the present time A. Nazhenov has been being designated the head of the department.
       The main tasks of the department of social and psychological assistance:
    • psychological support for students and faculty, psychological prevention and control of mental problems
    • escort of students from socially vulnerable groups
    • Promotion of healthy lifestyles
    • improvement of the socio-psychological climate of students and the staff of the university
    • prevention of professional burnout and emotional exhaustion among employees of the university,
    • creating a favorable social development situation for students;
    • organization of quality leisure for students aimed at psychological relief and relaxation
       On the basis of the Department of social and psychological support, there is Y-PEER center. The main purpose of the center is protection of the reproductive health among adolescents and young people, as well as the prevention of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. YPEER-center is available for the visiting of absolutely all students and student associations of the University for conducting thematic events, as well as for free time spending.