• Youth Affairs Department

    Youth Affairs Department is the main structural subdivision of the university which realizes state youth policy; civic-patriotic, legal, moral and aesthetic education.The activity of the Youth Affairs Department are carried out by the following employees:
    • The head of the department – MiramgulSerikkaliyevnaZhumagaliyeva;
    • The head of the museum – GauharMaralovnaSeitzhanova;
    • Specialist in educational work -ZhanarAbdikalukovnaNurbayeva;
    • Specialist in state language development -BakytKobekovnaKonakbayeva;
    • Specialist in cultural work among the masses -AkmaralKudaibergenovnaSmagulova;
    • Specialist in organizational work -GulbanuAituganovnaIskakova;
    • Specialist in artwork organization -KorganbekSakatayevichUrazbekov;
    • Museumkeeper -BaktygulRaulovnaSundetova

     Youth Affairs Department includes of the following students clubs:
    – Sports Club “Sunkar”;
    – Club “Syr and Symbat”
    – Debate club “Zhalyn”;
    – Students` Youth Theater “MedArt”
    – Student choir named after Alina Gizatullina;
    – Vocal and instrumental ensemble “Melomen”;
    – Dance group “ZhasStar”;
    – Club of the Funny and Inventive People “Abzalzhandar”;
    – Folk instruments Group«Serper»
    Youth Affairs Departmentconducts collaborative workwith following institutions and structural departments:- Regional Internal Policy Management;
    – Aktobe Internal PolicyDepartment;
    – Regional Youth Policy Department;
    – Regional Languages Management;
    – Regional Internal Affairs Department;
    – Culture and Languages DevelopmentDepartment;
    – Regional Resource Center;
    – City Resource Center;
    – Regional Museum of Local Lore;
    – Higher and Secondary Educational Institutions;
    – Social and Psychological SupportDepartment;
    – Trade Union Committee;
    – University Deans Offices;
    – University Departments.    The university carries out systematic work in order to develop studentscreativity, regulating the cultural, scientific, and professional development of young people. The main tasks of Youth Affairs Departmentinclude the protection of the rights and interests of young people, the organization of leisure time for students and their active involvement in public life.
       The university is equipped with a good level of material and technical base for the diverse development of the students personality. The university provides sufficient necessary funds for participation in city, regional, republican and international competitions. The Youth Affairs Department oversees the work of the following students clubs:Sports Club “Sunkar”, Club “Syr and Symbat”, Debate club “Zhalyn”, Students` Youth Theater “MedArt”, Student choir named after Alina Gizatullina, Vocal and instrumental ensemble “Melomen”, Dance group “ZhasStar”, Club of the Funny and Inventive People “Abzalzhandar”, Folk instruments Group«Serper». The main tasks of the clubs are the organization of student activities, the involvement of active students in social work, participation in city, regional, national and international competitions.
    The number of club members grows from year to year, as well as their achievements in international, republican, regional and city competitions. Thus, the student youth theater “MedArt” took the first prize in the Republican festival of youth theater groups “Melpomena 2017”. In the city beauty contest “Koktem Hanshaimy-2018″Aizhan Nurkhalkhanovawon the 3rd prize, MuradimovaAnel – the 1st prize, YerbolatPerizat – Grand Prix, thereby being awarded the title “Koktem Hanshayym-2018”. Our students took first prize at the international festival-competition “New Stars” in the nomination “Vocal and Scenic Show”.In the city competition of arts held in the framework of the program “Looking to the Future”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana in the genre of “Vocal and instrumental art”, NurtalapAybazar andAsylzhanSailauova took 2 prizes. The dance ensemble “Zhas Star” participated in several serious contests and won prizes: in the International Multi-Game Three-Stage Competition in Karaganda – the Grand Prix, in the international student’s creative competition “AKTOBE STUDENT FEST – 2018” – 1st place, in the I international the choreographic competition “Bi Tolgynanda – 2018” – Grand Prix.The student choir named after A.Gizatullina won the 2nd degree at the international festival of children’s, youthful and adult creativity (Kazan, Russia). In Shymkent republican competition “Zhastarultbolashagy” NayzabekErzhigit won Grand Prixin the category “Instrumental playing”;ErlanAkimali took 1st prize in the “Stage play”; Konyr Ibrahim AsylzhanymSaylauova, AyhanymSharip took 1st prize in the nomination “Vocal “.
    BerikBekbolatov took 2nd prize, ZhalgasJamiyev and ZhuldyzSakhiyeva (duet) took 3rd prize in the republican competition “Shyrka, Guitar”, organized by the Regional Center of Folk Art and Regional Culture, Archives and Documentation. Students KuanyshBaitenov was recognized as “Best Activist of the Year”, and AibolatMuratbayev – as “Best Student-Scientist” at the competition “Student of the Year-2018”, organized by the Youth Resource Center in Aktobe.Throughout the year, students met steadily with professors and leading teachers to develop their professional skills. During these meetings, students are provided with additional information on their specialty, they are interviewed on the basis of cases from personal experience, about medical ethics. These meetings reinforce students’ patriotic feelings, interest and love for their chosen specialty.
        A tripartite action plan is developed annually between the Aktobe Regional Department of Internal Affairs, the Aktobe law institute and West Kazakhstan Marat OspanovState Medical University. Monthly scheduled meetings are held with students.
        Every year, teachers of the university are appointed as curators for the 1st year students. Curators develop professional and personal qualities in future doctors. In addition, curators take an active part in creative, scientific, and sports activities in order to identify talented students, improve their skills by introducing them to active social work, paying particular attention to the opportunities and interests of each student. Curators organize curatorial hours for the formation of a sense of collectivism, cohesion, instilling ethical standards, the development of aesthetic feelings; excursions and trips to the regional drama theater, the local history museum, the Aliya museum. A curatorial council has been set up for organizing curatorial activities at the appropriate level.