• KVN team “Abzal zhandar”

    photo5202009216221556595“Abzal Zhandar” is one of the best KVN teams in the regional level. It was founded in 2010 within the walls of the University of WKMU named after Marat Ospanov. From that moment on, they conquer new heights and the hearts of humor lovers.


    Team leaders: 2012-2015 Kaibov Nurken, since 2016 Ademov Abzal

    Captains: 2012-2015 Imashev Azamat, 2016-Khainollayev Nuriden, since 2019-Abzal Ademov


    Artistic Director: Iskakova Gulbanu Aituganovna

    There are more than ten people in the team.

    Annually held the “rector’s Cup WKMU named after Marat Ospanov” at the regional and national level in the conference Hall named Her Doszhanova. The team performs consistently in televised games.


    The achievement of the team:

    In 2011, the finalists of the West-Central League

    In 2012, the semi-finalists of the Republican Premier League (Alma-Ata)

    In 2013-2014, 3rd place in the Aktobe Higher League

    2014 West-Central League Finalists

    In 2017, the finalists of the fourth league “Jaidarman Live” (Astana)

    In 2017, the winners of the ” Cup of the Akim of the Bayganin region”

    In 2018, the finalists of the fourth Republican Higher League (Astana)