Department of Surgery Branch №2

The Department of Surgical Diseases No. 2 (formerly the Department of Hospital Surgery) was organized in 1961 on the basis of the surgical department of the regional hospital.The first head of the department was Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Boris Sergeevich Gudimov – from 1961 to 1963.From 1963 to 1969 – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Georgy Prokopyevich Barsukov.From 1969 to 1979 – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Petr Ivanovich Polyakov.From 1979 to 2003 – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Namaz Izimbergenovich Izimbergenov.From 2003 to 2004 – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sarsen Nagimovich Koblandini, Doctor of Medical Sciences Serik Zhumabaevich Sakhipov.From 2004 to 2009 – Doctor of Medical Sciences Mirsaid Namazovich Izimbergenov.From 2009 to the present – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Bazylbek Sagidollaevich ZhakievThe department is trained in the specialty: internship in surgery, residency, magistracy and doctoral studies in surgery. New educational technologies have been introduced into the educational process – TBL, СBL, standardized patient, situational tasks in the portal “Interactive learning”). During the training of interns on all topics, clinical protocols and principles of evidence-based medicine are used.Since the establishment of the department, the staff has published 20 monographs, more than 2000 scientific articles, more than 20 teaching aids, including 7 in the state language and over 40 guidelines. More than 70 certificates for inventions and rationalization proposals were received. The number of prepared and defended doctoral theses was 15; master’s theses were more than 60.On the basis of the department, Republican scientific and practical conferences (1990, 1993, 2011 and 2017) were held with the participation of surgeons from the CIS countries.The staff of the department carries out a large organizational, methodological, treatment and prophylactic work, not only at the clinical base and in Aktobe’s regoin, but within the Western region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.On the basis of the department, the Republican Center for the Problems of Emergency Surgery and Peritonitis, created in 1990 by order of the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR, functions.The staff of the department has been dealing with the problem of purulent-septic complications of acute diseases and injuries of the abdominal organs for a long time.From 2004 to 2006 the staff of the department carried out scientific research under the state program “Prediction, prevention and treatment of purulent-septic complications in abdominal surgery“. This project has passed international expertise and is rated at 2.5 points (the highest – 1 point).In 2006, the department participated in the Kazakhstan’s exhibition, “Education, new technologies – 2006 in Astana, and it was awarded an honorary diploma of the exhibition.In 2009, on the basis of the department, a regional center was organized to provide emergency surgical care to pregnant and postpartum women.In 2010, the department was awarded a diploma in the category “Best social project” of the competition “Best innovative project of Aktobe’s region for the project “Prevention and treatment of purulent-septic complications in abdominal surgery“.From 2019 to 2021, an intra-university NTP is being carried out on the topic: “Optimization of surgical interventions in the complex treatment of neuroischemic and ischemic forms of diabetic ulcer foot syndrome.”Currently, research is underway in the following areas:Development of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of peritonitis and other purulent-septic complications of diseases of the abdominal organs.\Use of modern endovideosurgical technology in emergency surgery.Development of methods of efferent therapy for purulent-septic diseases in surgery.Active methods of treatment of purulent diseases.Improving the provision of surgical care to pregnant women and women in childbirth.Optimization of methods of surgical treatment of destructive forms of acute pancreatitis.Bariatric surgery.Kidney and liver transplantation.The research work of students has been held in the scientific student circle of the department since 1962 and is inextricably linked with the scientific work of the department staff.In 2011, the NSC of the department participated in the competition “Uzdik Kylymi Uyirme”, where they took 1st place and were awarded a 1st degree diploma and a cup.At the department, among the interns of surgeons, the competition “Best surgeon” is annually held.Since 2018, the department has been operating a student surgical club “GOLDENSCALPEL.” Student Olympiad in Neurosurgery, Tyumen, RF (2-3 April 2019) and the I International Student Olympiad in Medicine, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan (24-26 April 2019). 59 International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists “Science: Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow ”dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Acad. Marata Ospanova, Aktobe, April 24th, 2019 the surgical student club “GOLDEN SCALPEL” was awarded a 1st degree diploma. The staff of the department repeatedly in 2018, 2019 organized an intra-university student Olympiad in surgery and morphology.The purpose of the department: training of surgeons who meet the requirements of a professional educational standard and competitive in the labor market scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualifications (residents, undergraduates, doctoral students)Tasks of the department:To improve the system of innovative education, to introduce modern educational technologies in the educational process.Conduct an in-depth study of modern innovative methods of treatment of surgical diseases.To increase the publication activity of the teaching staff of the department in rating scientific journals with a non-zero indicator of the impact factor.Continuously improve the professional level of the teaching staff of the department

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During the practical lesson


Acceptance of practical OSKE skills


TBL open class

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Medical round with Professor Zhakiev B.S., interns and residents


Head of the department – MD, professor Zhakiev Bazylbek Sagidollaevich


Team “GOLDEN SCALPEL” participating in Intra-university Olympiad in surgery and clinical anatomy


The current staff of the Department of Surgical Diseases No. 2